Tuesday 21 December 2010

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

Maxis contest participant badge
If I have iPad Appliations from Maxis, I want it to be user friendly.  I want to make all my email easier to reach.  By one touch, I can read email from all email services such as from gmail, yahoo mail, window messenger mail, Lycos mail etc.  It is very important to me especially if I want to check email form Nuffnang including from chup-chup because from there I know about any assignment assign to me and also any Nuffnang update, besides reading it from Nuffnag webpage. 

I also want it to be blog friendly because I am a serious blogger and if can, I don't want any obstacle to read or update my blog whenever I want to and where ever I go.  I also want it to be internet friendly so that I can surf the internet to find information that I need.  I need the wifi +3G applications.  For that purpose of course I need Maxis Broadband service that has a wide internet coverage which can be used while me at home or somewhere else.  Wifi facilities is also very important if incase my broadband has no coverage. 

Because I have more than one blogs, I want the iPad application that can open more than one blog with pages put side by side.  Therefore I can easily do translation between blogs.  Besides that, I want the iPad to have  a talking dictionary of different languages which can help me doing the translation and learn to speak the word correctly because I am not very fluent in English and still learning the language from time to time.  The talking dictionary also can help me if one day I do travelling to other countries.

I also want GPS application.  It will help me alot to find shops, places and workshop nearby etc.  It also can work as a map and compass when I do travelling.

I want my iPad to have speakers, microphones and camera.  This can help me to communicate easily with my families, friends and others as I was infront of them.  To see your love one face when you are away is a very beautiful moment.  I also want it to have multimedia application so that I can hear to music and watch movies whenever I need them.

I also need my iPad to have external connection with mouse and keyboard.  At lease bluetooth application which can connect to bluetooth mouse and keyboard.  This is important to me cause typing job is easier to use external keyboard.

I also need my iPad to have games inside it.  Therefore, when I need to play game, I have it inside the iPad.

For the moment that is all I need if I Inventing My own iPad Application for Maxis.


Unknown said...

I want that iPad first..huhu

JijahJambu@Jj said...

best nye kalo dapat pad tu ... hehehe

kpah k-poh Sharifahnor said...

rasa cam susah jer nak guna benda yg bijak2 ni...kan..