Sunday 13 July 2014

Scam Email

Penipuan semakin menjadi-jadi..lihatlah scam email yang saya dapat ni:

Re: Payment Order MRY482-9932

Mrs Helan Kuan
To Recipients

Jul 9 at 7:25 PM
Dear Western Union Beneficiary,
Your transaction of 1,500,000.00 USD has been approved by UNITED NATIONS (UN) in their on going poverty alleviation program 2014 and we have been instructed to start sending you 7,600.00 USD daily using our Western Union system. Send details Full Name, Address, and Phone Number to Helen Kuan at: Email: for more information on your transaction status OR call +601 6254 3857 for inquiries. SPECIAL NOTICE : All E-mail response should be sent to ( ) for confirmation and payment approval. Yours truly Mrs Helan Kuan, Western Union Malaysia

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